November and December were super busy months for me because of work, the #WrapPartyNov19 and partying in general but I managed start my list of things (these are products/services/events/anything nice really) I liked and I think ya’ll will like as well. If you have me on WhatsApp you’ve probably seen me update my stories about some of them (my people ko WhatsApp get to see most of my exclusive content really 😅 if you know you know) before I share on social media and I’ll be sharing more of these from now on using the hashtag #NaarceThangs on my socials. The list that I’ll be sharing on this platform are #NaarceThangs that are top of the bunch and some might help in some way or another. So, in no order of importance, here’s the list wrapping up the last of 2019:

1. Yoco Go Card Machine: I had been looking for a card machine for the longest time but my issue has been affordability. Mara when I could afford it I forgot to buy it. This baby is the best thing to happen to my business. Yoco launched the Go card machine and bona I closed my eyes and just bought it – it retails for R799. Now I can easily make sales from wherever I am. If you own a business or know someone that might need it, you can get it cheaper using my code YNMVR57 or click here to purchase directly.

2. MSC Orchestra: After a night out attending a launch in Pretoria, I made my way to Durban the next morning to experience the MSC Orchestra before it went offshore. I have a whole thread on Twitter about this experience and how it looks on the inside (click here to view) and below was just my favourite place to be… on the balcony just enjoying the outside with a glazz of my favourite drank. Find your perfect cruise package here.

3. MPL Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner: I’ve always used MPL from a young age and to have the brand be part of my entrepreneur journey is like a super achievement for me. So because Rakgadi ke motho le ntho tse exclusive lol they sponsored they new range ya shampoo and conditioner soon after they launched. My #WrapPartyNov19 also had their scalps assessed on the day to make sure hore di healthy nje. The range is now available at major retail stores! See more of their products here and see where you can buy them.

4. The Return Of The Scorpion Kings: Look DEZEMBA WAS LIT! Ke hore Kabza le Maphorisa didn’t want us to sleep nje especially when this fire album came out! They are my favourite ratch (take this with a pinch of salt tuu) music duo after Distruction Boyz… and I mean it coz I bought their albums! The new album Scorpion Kings LIVE is out and they have a concert ka di 11 tsa April… Re tlo phumola mara????

5. Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut: I can’t remember when I discovered taste ya this fine MCC mara I never looked back lol ke re I’m hooked. I love Brut in general and this one just sat nicely on my palette. I also don’t have a sweet tooth so that dry, bubbly finish is just perfect! There’s the Nectar Rosé as well which is a bit sweeter… if you are that person. You can get this at almost any liquor store or buy from them directly here.

6. Tulasi Incense: Added this baby to my collection ya incense because of my mgowo lol… anyyway, as motho wa di sinus they are friendlier than most on the nose. Got these for R18 ko China Mall.

7. Tempo Watches: For their 35th birthday celebrations, Tempo Watches invited me to celebrate with them at American Swiss Fourways Mall. It was a naarce intimate event where we also got to see other new watches they had in store. This maroon baby caught my eye and they let me take her home! Bona eng dula jwang mara yohhhh! Here’s a peep into the launch.

8. Castle Lite: After launching their 250ml bottle, my favourite beer brand dropped off a little “care pack” to enjoy while I catch up with their potsoyi series Ultimate House Vibes… Eish it was loadshedding season and I didn’t get to catch this particular episode that day mara anyway the drop was naarce! Beer drinkers, ya’ll know where to find these akere?

A 6-pack is very pocket friendly for those days!

9. Game Stores: My Boxing Day was sorted this December coz Rakgadi and specials are the same WhatsApp group. They had their Boxing Week special from the 26th of December (after a crazy Black Friday sale) and I was ready to visit anyone’s potsoyi that day with my camping chair, cooler box and braai coal. Aks me about the next specials.. I might know and plug you!

10. The New Renault Kwid: I saw this baby when I took my 2018 model in for service at Renault Fourways… I was ready for an upgrade right there and then (I couldn’t coz Rakgadi o sa l busy paying interest). The colour and improved features had me going crazy that week lol – ask my friends and they’ll tell you! ALSO… I still like this car regardless errthing! It’s light on my pocket, I save on petrol (I pay max R320 for full tank now) and it had technology features that most cars in the same price bracket don’t have – ke right, ke okay. Instalments start from R1999 and you get free insurance for a year.

Alright that’s it for now, I’ll be back with the Jan & Feb Edition ka March kwaa! 😝 What were the #NaarceThangs you’d like to share or experienced ka November & December?