1. Eating habits

I’m not even going to try and say I’ve been trying to eat healthy. The only thing close to eating healthy I’ve done is eat a plate e na le di veggie le piece nyana ya voroso. Kea laicha nna… Plus eating super healthy is so darn expensive…


2. Wardrobe

Since I moved to my new place I haven’t really had time to thrift shop. I’m down for DTJ le donosa onetime. Until then, excuse my raggadyness.


3. Hair Journey

I feel like my hair is on a pms mission at the moment. Hore why o sa hole I don’t know. Lark I’ve been dealing with this for 2 months – kante ke bofa maphondo neng?


4. Sleep

I need to find a way to get paid for this. Fast. Lol second paycheck can defs manifest here.


5. Love Life


6. The 2016 Goals

Still working on achieving some things hahahaha (help me)


7. Spirituality

You know that feeling when you feel disconnected from yourself? Winter has done me wrong this year and I just feel heavy… Ku rough


8. Work

Kwara-to-burnout… stru. *as I soldier on*


9. Social Life

I’m such a home body mara ke rata dintho. I could go to all these cool parties and all but 99% of the time I’d rather be home. Nothing beats the comfort of my space, listen to music and just keep napping. Nothing!


10. No 6 month life vacay… Bra God?


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