Sorbet’s “Hello, Me” Campaign Asks You To Be The Best Versions Of You

Studies show that there is an association between the social environment and the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of individuals. These thoughts are usually passed on from parents, peers, and overt mainstream media messages that encourage the “appearance culture.” With embedded norms in relation to how society feels one should look, overwhelming pressure is put on girls and young women to conform, which in turn affects their self-esteem when they do or do not meet these sometimes unattainable societal standards of beauty. 

Leading professional beauty brand, Sorbet, recently announced its new campaign called “Hello, Me,” which aims to celebrate beauty in all its forms, shapes, and sizes while encouraging a positive personal outlook and image. Launched to a host of celebrities and influencers, including TV host and media personality Abigail Visagie, the “Hello, Me” campaign drove home its message of positive beauty.

Abigail took to the stage to give a motivational speech highlighting some of her past experiences and challenges with her own image. She ended her speech by encouraging all guests to feel comfortable in their own skin and to always focus on things that they like about themselves and cut out negative self-talk. 

At the launch, Art Specialist Cindy Mullah introduced an Art Jamming activity where each guest was given a canvas to design their creative and unique affirmation vision board using an assortment of art & crafts supplies. The winner with the most creative visual expressions walked away with an R1000 voucher from Sorbet. 

“This campaign is very close to my heart as most of us can relate to battling with insecurities. Growing up, beauty was defined by how tall or skinny you looked. With the “Hello, Me” campaign what we hope to do is encourage our customers to embrace and celebrate who they are. There is no perfection where beauty is concerned. We want everyone to walk talk, and love who they are,” says Marketing Executive for Sorbet Group, Candice Thurston.

Join the Sorbet “Hello, Me” Challenge by celebrating and loving every aspect and feature of your beautiful self and everything that makes you, you. Sorbet wants to celebrate the best version of yourself with the HELLO, ME campaign.

  • Hello Me, Hello Queen
  • Hello Me, Hello Confidence
  • Hello Me, Hello Glow
  • Hello Me, Hello Self-Love

#HelloMeHelloSorbet #HelloMe #InnerGoddess #GetThatFeeling

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