#SthandwaSakaSeries ♥ Meet Dikgosi and Palesa Setshedi

Couple name: Dikgosi and Palesa Setshedi

When and how did you meet? We met at the varsity pub. It was the Friday before November exams started so we were celebrating the end of a hectic 2012. While having a great time, there he was… this handsome guy with a killer butt ( yes women love butts too). We got introduced through a mutual friend that night and became friends for just over a year before we started dating in January 2014.

Describe your relationship? Our relationship is based on the friendship we’ve maintained for 6 years, love, mutual respect and most importantly trust. We are best friends before husband and wife and work on that bond every single day.

Best and worst moments together, and how you celebrated/overcame those? Our best moments have to be when we realized that we wanted to stay together, lobola negotiations (even though it was a nerve wrecking journey) and getting married, 😁 getting to change my name and becoming one with this person. Everyday together has small moments that are great, like actually finishing each other’s sentences.

Our bad moments have to be moving in together and getting to know each other’s routines 🤦🏽‍♀️ the fights were constant. But the worst one had to be feeling like there was a disconnect between us and not knowing how to go about it, it took a lot of humility and self reflection from both of us. The only way to overcome obstacles is talking about them and trying to see things from someone else’s perspective.

Your golden key advice to share that other couples to take in? Our advice: communication and honesty is key. The love is an obviously there, but sometimes it just needs a bit of work.

What’s the one thing you are obsessed with about your partner? I adore my person’s eyes, his extra big beautiful eyes 😍 uhhh and his insane laugh… eish also his height. I just love him.

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