#SthandwaSakaSeries ♥ Meet Lerandile

Name of couple: Lerandile (Lerato + Mzwandile)

When and how did we meet? I was walking passed Pick ‘n Pay on the 23rd of Sept 2009 when we made eye contact. As I walked passed, I turned around and he followed me up the stairs.. I walked slower so he could catch up and we spoke for about an hour and eventually, I gave him my number 🙂

Describe your relationship: We have quiet an amazing relationship that combines intimacy, friendship and partnership… We tease each other and share a lot of laughs together and most importantly, we sit down and talk… We see each other as a team and present ourselves as such to everyone… Our family and friends. We look for the same things in life and aspire to help each other become better. We are in love with each other and admire one another’s strengths

Best moments? Boat cruise proposal in 2013. Wedding preparations and wedding in 2014. Pregnancy moments – first scan, baby kicking to daddy’s voice, birth process

Worst moments? Living together for the first time – the first month was tough… We fought all the time.

How did we deal with it? We both swallowed our pride, sat down and talked about our differences and find a baseline of what works for us… For our relationship

Golden advice? Talk talk talk… It’s important to swallow your pride and talk things through! Love each other.. Put love into action and Show your partner love when there’s a disagreement, step back and evaluate your part in the disagreement. Maybe YOU need to change your expectations and most importantly, support each other… You might not always agree with it but show some support even if things don’t work out

One thing I’m obsessed about with my partner? Lol, well there’s quiet a lot but his height takes the cup… Followed by his smile and lips 💋💋


    Such a lovely love story. I love the couple to bits

    Love is such a beautiful thing 🙂 loving the series!

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