Couple name: Mahlatse & Tumelo

When and how did you meet? We met almost 12 years ago in Pretoria. I can sagely say it was love at first sight. No jokes.

Describe your relationship? Our relationship is built on love above all else. We truly are obsessed with one another.

Best and worst moments together, and how you celebrated/overcame those? Our hurdles are mostly because when we grow we tend to think that the other party must just understand, but we truly overcome those by bringing it back to clear communication.

Your “golden key” advice to share that other couples can take in? Fact is, we really really like each other. This makes it very easy to put the next person’s happiness first.

What’s the one thing you are obsessed with about your partner? He gasses me up all the damn time. Even in times when I don’t feel my absolute best, he wants to see me happy because he knows it benefits both of us.

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