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Couple Names: Thabang Moloi & Moroali Maleke (Roabang)

When and how did you meet? It was 31 of December 2010 at my aunt’s place in Brakpan. Thabang came along with his side of the family whom happen to be family friends with my aunt. Apparently for Thabang it was love at first sight. He was attracted to me, he thought that I was beautiful and he wanted to have a moment and introduce himself but I was way too busy catching up with my cousin Ntswaki Malebo. After welcoming the new year my cousin Ntswaki who is very passionate with photography was busy taking pictures of everyone and “Boom” Thabang asked to take a picture with me and I said but unfortunately that was the last time I saw him.

It took Thabang a damn good year to get my numbers because my cousin Thato was being protective over me. Thabang would ask for my numbers every time he met my cousin but my cousin was like “no boss”. Thabang never gave up on asking for my numbers and finally a year later my cousin Thato decided to tell him my name and give him my numbers. How funny that he had a crush on me but didn’t even know my name😂. The very same day he got my numbers he called me and from that day till today we speak. Then the rest is history❤

Describe your relationship?

Thabang: Our relationship is natural and pure. It’s a relationship that is meant to be because it’s effortless. It’s congested with so much love, passion and intimacy. Its very playful, musical and very very loud. Respect and trust is what makes us grow more.

Moroali: Our relationship is very spiritually orientated. It’s very comfortable and interesting. Our relationship is very interactive and verbal whereby we communicate everything with each other. It’s filled with lots of love and many joyful moments. Its very active and playful. It’s transparent to a point that planning  surprises for each other is very difficult because we somehow tell each other.  Its supportive and caring.It’s beautiful and very strong.

Best and worst moments together, and how you celebrated/overcame those?

Best moments
*The first time I saw her cry. I went to Qwa-Qwa to see her for the weekend and when I left on the Sunday she cried. Those tears assured me that this girl loves me. For the first time in my life I knew that I was loved and wanted.
*My Birthday last year. She went all out to get me everything that was on my wish list. She got me a guitar which was something I wanted so badly.
*The other night when we got to know each other on a more deeper level that was beyond us. Till today it’s still the best night of my life. I felt so special because she chose me. Unfortunately I can’t go into depth of what was happening.

* Pouring my heart out to her. The lose of both my parents at a very young age and never getting first-hand love made me to be emotionless and act tough at all time. But one day Roali sat down with me and told me that it’s okay to feel vulnerable and cry. I have been keeping a lot of pain&hurt in my heart and a lot of weight on my shoulders but after telling pouring my heart out I felt like I was in a therapy session. It was the first time I cried ever since the passing of my dad which was many many years ago. My woman has the most comfortable shoulder to cry on.

*The day he gave me a promise ring. He was acting akward on that day only to find out that he booked a private coner of my favourite resturant (Mike’s Kitchen). Then on our way  back home he was promising me the moon and stars but anyway the conversation we had was genuine. When we got home he asked me to open my gift and woola It was a promise ring. Atleast I didn’t mistake with an engagement ring thanks to the speech he gave earlier on.

*Durban Baecation. We normally go out for weekends to resorts but our first beacation to Durban was amazing. I was so pampered.
*The first time he took me shopping. When he told me that I should not mind the price and there is no limit Heh gosh I felt like I was in heaven. The reason this was one of the best moment is that I was in college and my parents just didn’t have money to spend on cloths I had only two pairs of jeans few tops and an empty fridge.
Worst moments
Thabang: It was in 2014 when Roali’s cousin (Darkie) mistakenly diverted her calls to my women’s phone. A nigger called, Roali answered and the guy said “when are we meeting? I want to get to know you better.” Roali told him that it was a wrong number but the guy kept on calling and calling. I thought that she was now in Gauteng and seeing all types of men she wants to explore with. I was so angry and didn’t believe her when she said she never gave any guy her numbers. We got into a messy fight but luckily later on in the day some guy called who happened to be her cousin but he wanted to speak Darkie then that’s when we became aware that Darkie’s calls we diverted to Roali’s phone. She forgave me after a month, everyday when we spoke she would bring up the issue. She told me that if I don’t trust the love she has for me our relationship is going no where. I had to prove to her that I’m sorry by doing anything possible to make her happy. Making her forget was also difficult. It became  a lesson that I needed to trust her and never doubt her faithfulness.Moroali: It was in 2014 and it was Thabang’s birthday. His ex girlfriend called to wish him a happy birthday. Heeeh….. I became angry. The question I had was,  where did she get the audacity? I believed that she still communicated with Thabang. I wanted to leave and go back to the Vaal at that time it’s late and I don’t have a car. To resolve the issue Thabang called her and asked her why she called him after 5 years of not talking. The girl said she was just wishing him luck and she decided not to have bad blood with her ex’s and she is willing to start a friendship with him. I liked the way Thabang replied to her but it was not convincing. He told her that he does not want a friendship with her and unfortunately she is something of the past. He told her that he now has a beautiful girlfriend who loves and respects him so she should never ever call him. I was still angry and not convinced until he decided to include his older sister to call the ex and tell her to respect his life and the ex’s mother to talk to her child and tell her child to behave and stop calling people who don’t care about her. The ex girlfriend apologized and we never heard anything from her. That taught me to never conclude on something I don’t have proof on.Your golden key advice to share that other couples to take in?

Thabang: Trust  and respect your person. Spend a lot of  time with them but also learn to give them space to breath. Show them that you love them and tell them everyday. Compliment them if they are doing something good and tell them if they are doing something wrong. Treat them special and be affectionate all the time. Make your partner miss you 10 minutes after you leave the house.

Moroali: My answer to this is on the lenghty comment I made on the the first #SthandwaSaka post: Hello February, Hello #SthandwaSakaSeries

What’s the one thing you are obsessed with about your partner?

Thabang: I’m obsessed with her aura. Roali’s aura is so positive and light. Whenever she’s around you will definitely feel that she is present. Even if she’s quite and minding her own business she creates an atmosphere that is breath taking. It’s easy for people to feed of Roali’s aura because its accommodating.  Many people who are not  her friends, older/younger  or even strangers finds it easy to tell her their most deep and personal stories without her even asking. Her surroundings are soothing.   I’m also obsessed with her body and beauty.  I can’t stop obsessing about how beautiful she looks that why I tell her everyday.

Roali: I’m obsessed with everything but not his toes😂. The one thing that I’m more obsessed with is Thabang’s calmness. The way he’s so calm he feels like an ice cold glass of water. Nothing makes him boil. Even when his angry he never raises his voice or reacts harshly to it. When ever my emotions are not stable he is able to calm them. Because of that I have learnt not to panic and stress about thing. His calmness makes him to be resilient even if something has knocked him hard he reacts very politely and bounce back.


    What a lovely love story, am inspired. I wish you many mmmorreee yyeaarrss!

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