#SthandwaSakaSeries ♥ Meet Royal Stand

Couple name: Royal Stand

When did you meet? July of 2014

How did you meet? Well, we had known of one another prior to me walking up to her as she was coming out of Spar one afternoon.

Describe the relationship: Wheeee what a wow. Well, we are adventurous and love being on the road. We both talk a lot which can be a problem at times especially when the other wants to be heard. But we are patient with each other, that’s something time taught us. We are honest with one another, even though at times too honest, but that’s what I appreciate about us. We are open, we suck at keeping secrets so we don’t have any. We are both territorial and tend to take offense easily. We love food and trying out new things. We can be great friends.

Worst moments? Every single time we broke up. Well, overcoming those I can’t even really put in our hands because I believe that that was all God, not us. I guess another would be my suicide attempt, her cheating and my nearly moving on with someone else. And again to that I’ll say it was the Grace of God that led us back to each other. Me being raped would be one of thee worst and her patience and support pulled us through that one.

Best moments? Wow… all the road trips. Last year was our first of so so many things. Meeting her family at the wedding. 🤗 Sleeping over, wow… a lot 🙆🏻‍♀ just how we celebrated Christmas, New Years… birthdays. All together 😍

Your “golden key” advice to share that other couples can take in? Don’t EVER compare your relationship with the next, it’s the worst thing you could ever do. Pray, pray for yourself, your partner and the relationship as a whole. Pray that God is center, front, back and sides. Top and bottom.

What’s the one thing you are obsessed with about your partner? Jeeez 🤣 her voice, the way she holds me… her smile. The way she loves me.. Oh, you said one thing ne 🤣

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    Ausi A let says I thank you so much for the article, looked back at my own golden advice not so long ago and it put me back where I needed to be.

    It’s an amazing thing that you are doing. Stay blessed

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