Ka winter and the way we get so relaxed ka teng when it comes to things like making sure your nails kept looking good, not ashy lol. So re qala kae vele? 

Use Lotion: Moisturising is a necessity especially in winter. Moisture prevents your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking. Moisturising will prevent painful hangnails, cracked and bleeding cuticles. Having a full-proof moisture strategy this winter is to use hand lotion several times a day, especially after you wash hands and or get them wet. You can find affordable lotion that smells great at any Rain store @Benmore Centre or Bryanston Shopping Centre in JHB… Especially the Biologie Natural Body Lotion And Hand Skin Care.

Naaarce tip: Apply your moisturiser to your hands when they are damp this helps lock in moisturising.  

Polish Clean Nails: When polishing your nails you need to make sure your nails are clean. After moisturising your hands its easy to just go straight to applying nail polish because it is a force of habit. The best way to go is to wash your hands before you paint your nails, make sure to clean them off with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover or acetone.

Use Acetone: Using acetone may be frowned upon by different nail technicians, this is so because acetone has a reputation for drying out your nails and skin. However experts at Looking Good LCN recommend its use because acetone has some quick super polish dissolving magic that actually save nail enthusiasts some moisture compared to some weaker strengthening or moisturizing polishes on the market.

Use a nail file regularly: During winter you will find yourself with nails that have snags, tears and or breaks. You can try filing them two to three times a week to make sure the nails stay smooth and shiny. You can save money by investing into a nice Looking Good LCN Blue Power Bit nail filer. The nail filer has heat dispersion and high wear resistance and removes that hard gel leaving your nails well even.

Wear Gloves or Kitten Mittens Wearing gloves can save you many nail complications and issues. Gloves provide extra protection and makes nail care easy and to avoid nail breaks. Buys Some cute Kitten Mittens @Glammza in Benmore Centre

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