This Is Why We Loved The #WrapPartyNov19

This is one of those events that I’m going to look back and just smile because WOW babes… it happened! You know when you have an idea for something and it is how it is supposed to be? This was it. I admit that I’m the biggest procrastinator I know and this time I just told myself to just DO and let God work through me and I made up for not having any events in 2018. Through my mini stresses on the day (they felt bigger than they were) I’m happy to say the #WrapPartyNov19 event was a success. Firstly, the event tickets sold out a week before the event, it happened on a beautiful sunny day, people arrived (before the stated time), and we just danced and had a good time throughout the day.

This is not the only reason why we loved the #WrapPartyNov19 bathong! So we…


The main purpose for my events vele is to connect with my people and their people and for everyone’s people to connect with each other. That was the vibe!


Smiles, laughs and doek tutorial tips were shared!


It’s a party with a purpose and the support really came through especially for the showcasing brands and CSI partner. I’m in support of brands that are by women and for women as I own one as well. Not that we leave the guys out, but the major focus is on empowering the female first.


I started the #LoveYourBodySeries before the event as a way to celebrate and be aware of the journey we’ve been on with our bodies, to appreciate it (flaws and all) and the party was a “come really celebrate it” call. There was no dress code so you come as you were. There was lots of variety in the music so you could find something that resonated with you and you grooved to that!

I celebrated by trying something new. I wore a different doek at this event. If you can look at all my previous events you’d see I’ve always worn a green floral doek ALL THE TIME reason being that that was my very first proper doek (ke tswa hole guys lol) I had as part of my range and my good friend and ex-colleague Mpho Makhaye gifted me the print after I had wanted to give up on my business. It’s a very sentimental print for nna. At the time of this event I was going through things that really demanded that I change and elevate myself. I came upon a mustard doek the night before while I was on the phone thinking about a doek I wanted to wear… I saw the sign.

To wrap it up, a huge thank you to the people that came through, in person and in spirit. There’s really no reason why I do this without ya’ll. Now to the team that helped put everything together:

  • Associate Sponsor | MPL: I shared the vision with the brand team and they supported me… a small-nyana brand trying to make a difference one doek at a time! Kea leboha hle Lerato!
  • CSI Partner | Dear Bella Pads: ahhh ausi Matefo has been so amazing and I really love what she has been doing with Dear Bella and helping young girls with one of the most life-changing times of their lives. A total of R550 has been raised and donated from sales made on the day of the event… we have helped impact some lives!
  • Goodie Bag Sponsor | Black African And Beautiful (BAAB): ausi Zintle was kind enough to give everyone that attended beautiful jewellery from her brand BAAB. I loved her work as well uplifting the black community – representation is key!
  • Venue Host | 27 Boxes: Thanks to Lauren for availing the space to host my people! A total upgrade from the previous ones… they made me look good yazi!
  • Sound & Tech | UG Entertainment: abuti wa sound hee, lol I know zero about this part of events so Thami and his team made sure hore the music keeps on going. Dankie dikhokho tsaka!
  • Showcasing Brands | Alma B Collections (Lerato Motloung), The Feel Party (Mukondi Ralushayi leNkgabiseng Motau) & Stitched By Inga (Inga Sebata): I’m here for female owned businesses guyzzzzz, thanks so much to bo ausi hleng for making your presence felt!
  • Visuals Team | Balekane, Warren & Winners: tjerrrr batho ba! They made the things happen mahn! I appreciate them ka nnete for the work and effort they put in!
  • Event MC | Thandekile Khanye: I think I stressed her out more than anyone because she’s an introvert just like me, but she stood up to the occasion, as professional like I’ve never seen before and just took the role by the horns. Thank you so much ausi!
  • Event DJs | Dimakatso le Gaobotse, Lavish DJ, Sibu FDB & Lee Taurus: the gang that came with the vibes! Thank you for entertaining us until we had to shut down.

Special shout out to my working team that I stressed out as well before and during the event… Nthabiseng, Amanda le Lerato… Ha se nna ke my inner drama queen lol love you guys!

Now to plan for 2020

Just a side note, the Phuthaditjhaba event was cancelled due to security reasons at the venue I wanted it. Had found a market to sell at so I’m there the weekend I had planned the event however that got cancelled a few days before as well due to a funeral.

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