Tia Kunyeda Mthethwa

My hair is… magic!

Before we went on lockdown, I… kept my hair in braids. I always wear a protective style in braids and have my hair out for two weeks at a time.

My hair routine has changed now… I have taken the braids out and have it in “Ben and Betty” style. I now have more time to wash and moisturize my hair better during the lockdown. However, I don’t have access to the product.

The challenge with my hair is… retaining growth and moisturizing it well.

My lockdown hairstyle is… BEN AND BETTY hair braiding with pantyhose cut off into string for braiding.

Top tip(s) anyone with your hair type can use to keep hair healthy and strong this winter? I am a 4C hair type and my advice for maintaining a good hairline is keeping a good moisturizing routine and loosening tight tension along the hairline. Also, invest in a satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase to minimize friction and breakage.

My favourite ORS product to use is the… ORS replenishing conditioner.

You can find me at @zimbabwenese on Instagram.


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