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My hair is… knots-ville!

Before we went on lockdown, I… used to wash every 7-10 days. Part my hair into 4 sections and put it in scrunchies. I shampoo one section at a time, with black soap, and then put on the conditioner and then I move on to shampoo the next section. When I’m done with the whole head, I start at the first block rinse it out and put on deep conditioner but don’t use scrunchies this time. I twist the hair and leave it in twists for deep conditioning (hair mayonnaise only every 6 weeks) in a grocery plastic bag for 30mins. The final rinse starts with warm water and then I add more cold water to avoid losing too much moisture. I shake the water off my head and put on some leave-in and hair moisturizer (no towel is used on my head). I part my hair into 6 sections, comb it, and braid the hair (like Da Brat). I leave it in those braids to dry overnight. Sometimes I castor oil my edges and lightly at the tips of the braided hair.

My hair routine has changed now… my routine has changed a bit since lockdown. I have washed it only twice in the past 6 weeks. I learned how to cornrow (thanks to youtube) and had my hair in cornrows for most of the time. I made a wig and put it on when going to the shops for groceries. I have chosen to let my hair rest in this lockdown and want to see if my edges will recover now that I don’t manipulate it as much as I used to. Every two days I moisturize my cornrows and now and then will castor oil my edges. My hair feels soooooooo soft.

The challenge with my hair is… single strand knots. I am so annoyed by those rascals.

My lockdown hairstyle is… high bun. I twist the loose ends at night to decrease the chances of knots.

Top tip(s) anyone with your hair type can use to keep hair healthy and strong this winter? Keep it moisturized. Don’t dry your hair with a hairdryer after every wash. Once in 3 months is ok but at low heat. Cut your ends every few months, especially when you have single strand knots, don’t pull them. Cut them with sharp hair scissors.

My favourite ORS product to use is the… Hair Mayonaise.

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