What A Mama’s Day… It’s All Love After All ❤️

I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around writing this post especially because ne ke planne such a nice Mother’s Day  picnic le Mama Sindo. Last week went fairly well (except the fact that I just wanted my mother close to me). The plan was to go home ( Helibron – my maternal grandparents place, where I was born) and to surprise mama ka the lovely picnic on the Sunday because it was Mother’s Day.

First of all, I forgot the week before hore ke na le event on Saturday – this is my full-time “side” gig and we had a seminar ya women empowerment on the 12th. Obvs I had to tell mama coz yena o na ya Heilbron on the Thursday as it was Mpho’s monthly check up at the doctor. I could hear the little disappointment in her voice because she’s been calling me all week nje saying she misses me and can’t to see me.

On the Saturday, kile spaneng, packed and ready to go home, wrapped up the amazing Sta-Sof-Fro second salon seminar (if I say so myself). After the event, I picked up the flowers there and made 2 small bouquets for Mama le Mamkhulu – lol thanks to Masinhle for arranging those nicely. I put them in the back seat and drove home. See, I’m a fan of surprises because nna kea di rata, so I didn’t tell noborrrii ho re I’m on the way. It was gonna be a nice pre-Mother’s day surprise akere.


I got home after 5 and 2 missed calls. As usual, Mamkhulu was the first to greet me with hugs and kisses (she stays le the little sis Mpho and we usually don’t come home till bo month end and longer in my case). It felt so good to finally have so many familiar souls around me and just be. So many hugs and kisses were exchanged between nna le Mama I can’t even count lol – ne re hopolane too much.

Nna I came home to take a break and spend time le my people kanthe God had another plan for us… We woke up Sunday morning, chilled, little sis and I on a laughing streak together le mme wa rona (ene wa re omanya coz ra rasa akere coz she wants to sleep) and Mamkhulu is getting ready for a graduation mokete up the street.



Heee, jiki jiki Mama gets a phone call from Mama’s older sister’s son o re he was in an accident. Nna because I tkae things lightly sometimes, ene mama looked so calm telling us about this, I dragged my feet driving there. Little did I know we would arrive to this freak accident…


What a way to spend Mother’s day…

As messy as this was, everyone in both cars came out alive with just scars. At every moment after each of us looked at this image (and worse from the close ups), ne re le almost certain that God can call any one of us at any time – we needed to appreciate Vusi (my cousin) and everyone else that was still alive in the family – as much as it looked like it was my cousin’s last day on earth, He refused. Maybe this was some wake up call, or something e re sa e tsebeng.

After we got the news, I fetched my elderly Mamkhulu and broke we the news to her. I realized after this how much a “look like you are very calm” my maternal family is about things. We act so optimistic about things until we see with our very eyes – I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing really.

After driving around town that day, to the hospital and home, I managed to get Mama le the younger Mamkhulu together and share some “good” of the day after the ambiance was not so nice. Darling Hair had gifted me with an amazing picnic basket to share with my mother for Mother’s Day and after all that happened, all I could think was to share this basket with all of my Mother’s sisters. I don’t know how it feels to be a parent myself but in my eyes, all three of these women played such an important role in my life and the woman I am today – they needed to see that “thank you” from me. The younger Mamkhulu doesn’t have any children and I consider her a mother figure because of her stern rules (hahaha she’s so strict, ha le tsebe lona), but she knows when to enter that motherly role in a heart beat- she’s the one taking care of my little sister right now. My elderly Mamkhulu has 4 children, single mother to all of them and I can’t even begin to imagine how it would feel to get to the point of almost losing one (who was in the accident). I managed to share the goodies in the Darling Hair picnic basket with my younger Mamkhulu and my mother, as much as I would have loved to share this with my elder Mamkhulu, I understood that she needed some time alone to deal with what had happened.

Within the sorrow, we shared these moments with the family… my baby cousin and step dad were also there – I came home with the bottle of wine just nje, but no-one nagad it really lol


This was supposed to be a #MamaIMadeIt moment post but really it’s a “Mama I couldn’t make it without you” moment. The way I appreciate my mother, all my mother figures in-fact,  and all that my maternal mother and I have been through in life generally cannot be put in one post. She sees me as this poster child – I don’t know why – but all I know is everything I went through (especially with her) made me everything I am. She’s my yonkinto!



Thanks to my Darling Hair fam for being a moment of joy when we needed! Uhhh there’s a little surprise heee…

3 members of my tribe stand a chance to win a Darling Salon experience this month. To win, simply comment on how you spent your time/how you would like to spend time with your mom (if you are far from home) & make sure to like the Darling Facebook page to increase your chances of winning. This is also includes X3 R200 vouchers + a Darling hamper… do the right thing!


    I did not get a chance to spend Mother’s Day with my grandmother this year and I didn’t get a chance to spoil her because ‘finances’. I would love to win this competition and spoil her for a bit cause she deserves it after loosing the father of her children a few weeks back.

    My grandmother has been nothing short of amazing and I would just like to thank her for all the love and support she has given me. I would just like to give her something to smile about and show her that I miss and love her.❤️❤️❤️

    How I would like to spend time with my mom is to take her away for the day at a spa. Start with breakfast then head off to have a full body massage ( where she can just relax and someone take care of her for the day for once.) then we can finish off the day by doing a nice sunset dinner. It is the simplest things that my mother loves and because I only see her once in a few months so just being next to her and sharing conversations and laughing is the best way I would spend a day with my mother.

      True! They do appreciate the little they get hey. Good luck 😊

    So since I go married, Mothers day has been a been a little sore spot in my heart because prior to marriage , I’d be home every Mothers day and I would wake up early make breakfast then treat them to an awesome day.

    Anywhoo this year , I was in Capetown for work and didn’t get to celebrate her as I’d like to.

    The following week , my husband and I took her and my mother out for dinner. I won’t lie my pocket was stretched but seeing both my mom’s happy, enjoying their meals and laughing then I knew we did the right thing.

    Happy mothers day to all the awesome mothers who look out for us and pray daily .


      That’s so sweet hle, in all honesty they deserve to be treated all day every day of the year. They do so much for us! Good luck on your entry 😊

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