My hair story… 

My ‘conscious’ hair story began in 2006 when I cut my hair short, removing my relaxed hair and leaving the ‘growth’.

This was after my big brother suggested I should cut my hair and initially I was totally against it. But after much convincing and reassuring that I’ll still look beautiful, I did it. Very impulsively one day.

I haven’t looked back since. I swore never to process my hair again. 

I have grown my hair to a fairly luscious afro and cut it many times because I start to get so overwhelmed when my hair starts getting long. For that reason I have kept it short for the majority of my natural hair journey. It just works better for me. 

I do however enjoy length when it allows me to experiment with different hairstyles, as short hair can be limiting and protective hairstyles do help my hair to grow.

My hair goes through times when it’s  weak so I struggle with breakage. However I try keep my hair as hydrated as I can as often as possible, I’m still trying to combat this. 

I enjoy my hair when it’s moist so I use a curl custard that achieves this for me. I am trying to grow it again but I’m starting to feel the ‘cut it’ itch again. I really love that fresh hair cut feeling.

If I could keep my hair with a tapered look forever, I would.

I honestly cannot imagine myself with anything but kinky hair. The texture. The curls. These are things that are a strong part of my identity and how I express and present myself. 

I am enjoying this movement… or awakening, that is happening with natural hair at the moment. And I trust it’s not just a passing trend. Because it is a way of thinking, a way of life.

We’ve been taught that our hair is difficult to manage and not neat. These things are so deep rooted that it’s going to take time to unlearn. 

I am proud of every black women nurturing and patient with their crown. 

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