If you don’t know by now, I’ve recently launched a new site with a brand new name (I’ve moved from kennamaletsatsi.wordpress.com). I’ve combined the site with my blog and my love for head wraps. bymaletsatsi.co.za now has an online store were I sell my famous doeks & chokers and I also blog anything under the sun!

In celebration of the new site, I’ll be giving away amazing hampers from brands I love (in July) and ultimately a #byMaletsatsi hamper with lots of printed doeks in August!


Week 1: Ouma Rusks – 12 July till 18 July 2017


The Ouma legend lives on. The story of Ouma rusks started in 1939 in the small North-Eastern Cape town of Molteno. The great depression spurred Ouma Greyvensteyn and her friends to find ways of helping their community. Ouma Greyvensteyn started by baking a batch of rusks using her trusted family recipe. After selling these delicious treats to farming families in the community, orders soon started pouring in and a much loved, iconic South African brand was born.

Today, Ouma Greyvensteyn is still South Africa’s most famous rusk baker. The Ouma bakery runs around the clock to ensure that South Africans will always be able to “Dip ‘n Ouma”.

They’ve recently launched two new ranges, read about them here: http://bymaletsatsi.co.za/2017/05/11/double-up-dipping-delight-with-new-ouma-premium-and-mini-bite-size-rusks/

Week 2: MPL Hair – 19 July till 25 July 2017


MPL offers a distinctive range of styling and treatment products that have sourced the most appropriate ingredients in order to deliver only the best results. By researching and understanding what is important to the market, MPL is proud to offer a range that offers effective treatment for maintaining strong and healthy hair, stimulating hair growth and helping prevent hair loss, deeply conditioning to repair damaged hair, treating dryness, protecting against sun damage and helping to remove flaking.

The MPL hair treatment range contains a unique blend of Natural Oils, specially formulated to provide extra moisture and conditioning to the hair. This fosters the ideal environment to encourage hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair’s scales, leaving it looking vibrant and youthful. Some of the natural ingredients included in the range are Vitamin E, Jojoba, Olive, Arnica, Rosemary and Menthol crystals that impart a therapeutic sensation to both the hair and scalp.

I’ve recently guest blogged on their site, read about my Benny and Betty hair sessions here: https://www.mplhair.com/single-post/2017/07/07/Mama-MPL-and-I

Week 3: White Star – 26 July 2017 till 30 July 2017


As South Africans we love our food. Peppered with flavours as diverse as our people, it is understandable that not everyone shares the same tastes in food, yet only one ingredient that is enjoyed all across our rainbow nation – maize meal. With its quick and easy preparation as well as its superior whiteness, fluffiness, texture and taste, WHITE STAR SUPER MAIZE MEAL has quickly become the leading maize meal brand that South Africans have come to love.

Before White Star was launched in 1999, extensive research was conducted to develop a product that met all consumer requirements. In addition, it was also the first maize meal brand to be fortified with Vitamin A, long before legislation demanded it. It is not surprising that White Star has come to be known as ‘THE CLEVER CHOICE’ and South Africans agree, having voted White Star as their favourite brand of maize meal in the Sunday Times’ Top Brands Survey for 2010 and 2011.

White Star is the maize meal of choice for the trendy; it therefore makes sense that this fun brand has sponsored music events like Macufe, Limpopo Music Festival, 60’s Party in Nelspruit and Moretele Jazz Festival, Metro FM’s Sunday Soul Sessions and may other events. We feel that music cuts across social and language barriers and creates the level of energy and excitement that characterises White Star and its consumers. Music is an arena where we can connect with people and become a greater part of their lives and so much more than just a meal solution. White Star has also been known to give away great VIP experiences including tickets to the shows, spa treatment, game drives, meals, accommodation and flights. These giveaways are an opportunity for our consumers to interact with the attributes of quality and modern living associated with White Star.

White Star is far more versatile than ordinary maize meal, whether served at a family braai, picnic or cosy dinner with friends, the endless array of culinary possibilities are made likely. No matter the occasion, it is the perfect ingredient for all the good times. So come on, have a try and you will fall in love with White Star.

Read about their yummy breakfast porridge (that also won Product Of The Year) here: http://bymaletsatsi.co.za/2017/02/24/white-star-wins-in-the-breakfast-category-at-the-product-of-the-year-awards/

Week 4: byMaletsatsi Head Wraps – 2 August 2017 till 8 August 2017


byMaletsatsi is a concept born from my passion for celebrating women who know and fearlessly embrace who they are and to also inspire those who are still exploring and searching for themselves.

Being an explorer of life myself, I feel like a lot of young women are not quite true to themselves. Yes, we can all be likers of things re be “in fashion” but at the end of the day, it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay not to “fit in”. I’m gracefully learning to acceptance myself daily and I want to inspire my fellow sisters to do the same.

With the head wraps or “di tuku”, as I like to call them, represent that crown every woman wears, whether she sees it when she wears #MaletsatsisHeadWraps or not. With the choker, comes out the fun, and sometimes savage side of the woman wearing #MaletsatsisChokers. She’s powerful, dominant and feminine at the same time.

I ultimately want every woman to feel free to express themselves without fear when rocking byMaletsatsi.

Basadi, let’s take pride in knowing who we are and where we come from. Be the woman that doesn’t only communicate through talk, be that woman who’s real powers come alive when wearing her head wrap or choker byMaletsatsi. Let her be the beautiful, strong woman she is. Yes, she might be a bit fragile and moody at times but that’s what makes her who she is. She’s the woman you’ve known all your life but never met. She is Me. She is You. She is Us.

See the latest doeks & chokers here: http://bymaletsatsi.co.za/shop/


To enter,
1: Go on to bymaletsatsi.co.za and subscribe to the blog
2: Like byMaletsatsi on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/byMaletsatsi/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bymaletsatsi/
3: Share the Facebook hamper post/image you would like to win on your social pages, use the hashtags provided on the image of the post and tag the brand with the reason why you you’d love to win the hamper.

Cross your fingers as the winners will be announced on the 30th of August 2017!


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